It’s gotta be the shoes

If you’re thinking about an icy adventure to the Arctic or Antarctic, shoes are super important. After booking my trip to Antarctica I immediately began my search for the right boots.

An Antarctic expedition involves disembarking from an inflatable zodiac boat into mid-calf deep, frigid water. My tour vessel provided guests with Wellington-type boots (wellies or rain boots) but with my wide calves I couldn’t be certain that they would fit. I’m very fond of all my toes and desperately wanted to keep them all.

I’m about to save you hours of research – buy Bogs. I got mine on sale simply because they were an outdated print but would gladly pay full price. After buying them I stomped through every puddle and mucky spot I could find to be sure they would hold up.

I have the Classic Tall version. Bogs have a rain boot type foot, with a leg shaft made of something resembling neoprene (they call it Neo-Tech). It’s like wetsuit material, so it has a bit of stretch, enough give to fit wide calves and still keep you dry. They also have good soles for traction and handles for getting them on.

Bogs were a godsend in Antarctica. Not only did they keep my feet dry, they kept me warm, which wellies didn’t do for other travelers. I was much more comfortable on our excursions, and they are cute too! They are now my go-to winter boots when I need to shovel snow.

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